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Discover the advantages.

  • Earn 2% in CAA Dollars on most CAA Products and Services¹
  • Earn 1% in CAA Dollars on all other eligible purchases²
  • No annual fee³
  • 0.9% introductory interest rate for the first 9 months⁴
  • You could receive 25 CAA Dollars annually⁵
  • Convenience of TAP & GO™
  • Up to 3 additional cards
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What can I do with CAA Dollars?

CAA Dollars earned will automatically be applied to your CAA Membership renewal. Or, you can use CAA Dollars for the following CAA products and services:

Buy travel merchandise.

Use your CAA Dollars to purchase travel merchandise and apparel.
Find a CAA Store

Buy Cineplex® or attraction tickets. 

Redeem your CAA Dollars for discounted Cineplex or attraction tickets at a CAA Store.
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Upgrade your CAA Membership.

Get more out of CAA when you put your CAA Dollars towards upgrading your current coverage.

Upgrade online, find a CAA Store or call 1‑800‑564‑6222

Book your next trip.

Your CAA Dollars can be used to purchase travel at any of our CAA Stores.

Find a CAA Store or call 1‑855‑660‑2295

Renew your CAA Membership.

Is your CAA Membership expiring soon? Reach for your CAA Dollars instead of your wallet!

Renew online, find a CAA Store or call 1-800-268-7068

Pay for CAA Travel Insurance.¹

Find a CAA Store or call 1‑800‑437‑8541 to use CAA Dollars as payment towards your policy.
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Renew your CAA Insurance.

Now all or part of your earned CAA Dollars may be applied towards your CAA Insurance renewal premium.2 To participate in the program, you must have:

  1. Renewed your CAA Insurance Company auto and/or property policy and your payments are up to date
  2. Accumulated more than 5 CAA Dollars, and
  3. Your CAA Membership must be in good standing

Call 1-877-222-1717 or email cadsupport@caasco.ca to use CAA Dollars as payment towards your renewal.