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A woman wears a mask while driving a car

What You Need To Know About Renting A Car Right Now

If you need to rent a car, whether it’s to haul something large from a store, or for a road trip, here are some tips to ensure you stay safe amidst a pandemic

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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is a Good Idea

Think you don’t need to buy travel insurance? We explore some common misconceptions people have about it.

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What to Expect When You Travel in Canada Right Now

Travel is looking a bit different these days with ever changing rules and restrictions, here's what to expect before you head off on your next trip.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance for Short Trips?

Even if you’re staying within Canadian borders, you’re going to want the coverage

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Your Top 10 Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Will Covid-19 affect my travel insurance? We answer that question and many more.

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10 Things You Should Never Pack on a Road Trip

Packing tips to travel smarter and lighter in the car this summer

A mother has an onscreen virtual medical consultation with her toddler on her lap

Why You Should Check Out Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance

A new travel insurance benefit gives staycationers and in-province travellers convenient access to medical advice

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Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Photos

Make the most of your phone’s in-camera features with these helpful tips.

A woman looks out over a lake and mountains.

Enjoy the perks of group travel on your next solo trip