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The view through a car windshield is distorted to mimic the experience of an impaired driver

Why it’s Important to Avoid Cannabis-Impaired Driving

CAA’s latest campaign, “Do Anything But Drive,” cautions against cannabis consumption and driving

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Five Reasons Why a CAA Membership Makes a Great Gift

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Here are the Important Issues that Affect Young Drivers

From tunnel vision to distracted driving, these are the issues that often affect young motorists

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Be Prepared for Winter Driving with these Important Safety Tips

Add winter tires, a battery check and other safety preparations to your pre-winter to do list

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Driverless Cars Are Changing the Way We Think About Automobiles

How CAA is staying on top of the latest advancements in autonomous vehicles

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Why You Need to Get Your Battery Checked Now

Get ready for winter by ensuring that your car battery is in working condition

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How to Teach Your Kids to Safely Ride Bikes on their Own

Six tips to keep your budding cyclist secure on the road

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Talk to Your Kids About These Important Road Safety Tips

If your kids will be walking or biking to school this year, now is a good time to have a talk about safety

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Six Things You Should Know About Autonomous Vehicles

Here’s how self-driving technology could change your life