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The Best Ways to Embrace the Outdoors this Winter

Get outside and soak in the snow, from snowshoeing to s’mores

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Five Reasons Why a CAA Membership Makes a Great Gift

Give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season with a CAA Membership

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5 Canadian-Inspired Activities for Winter Fun

Try these home-based activities to keep the Canadian winter spirit alive


Expand Your Knowledge of Indigenous Culture in Canada

Learn more about the Indigenous experience through first hand accounts from storytellers, journalists and artists

Auto Advice and Tips
A young woman sits in the driver's seat next to an older woman

Here are the Important Issues that Affect Young Drivers

From tunnel vision to distracted driving, these are the issues that often affect young motorists

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A family sits on a couch watching a movie projected onto their living room wall

What You Need to Set Up a Great Home Theatre

Recreate the movie-viewing experience at home with CAA Rewards partners

Auto Advice and Tips
A woman scrapes her windshield on a snowy street

Be Prepared for Winter Driving with these Important Safety Tips

Add winter tires, a battery check and other safety preparations to your pre-winter to do list

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A woman looks at her phone while on the street

Reasons to Download the New CAA Mobile App Now

An updated version of CAA’s much-loved Mobile App will help you do everything from saving big on name brands to requesting roadside assistance

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A home office is shown with white furniture and a blue chair

5 Ways to Set Up a Better Home Office

Create a comfortable yet professional work area, no matter how much space you may have

Auto Advice and Tips
An illustration shows the overhead view of a car on the road and the range of its sensors

Driverless Cars Are Changing the Way We Think About Automobiles

How CAA is staying on top of the latest advancements in autonomous vehicles

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A woman paints the front of her kitchen cabinets

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Kitchen

If your kitchen decor is as bland as boiled rice, here are seven affordable ways to update it up without renovating

Best Road Trips
An overhead view of downtown Stratford, Ontario is shown

Where to Go for a Taste of Europe Right Here in Ontario

From Aberdeen to Zurich, many Ontario towns are named for their counterparts across the pond. Here are five of our favourites.